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Promoting Science, Reason and Humanist Values in the greater Pittsburgh area. 

Our Biggest Festivus Ever!

The Pittsburgh Freethought Community hosted it's annual "Festivus for the rest of us" party on December 9th, and we had the largest turnout ever!

Traditional Festivus activities included the Airing of Grievances and the crowning of two-time champion in both "Feats of Strength" (thumb wrestling), and "Feats of Mental Agility" (Rock, Paper, Scissors) - Meg Dippold, along with food, friendship, and conversation. Attendees could also gather around the Festivus Pole to stand in awe of it's high strength-to-weight ratio.

Pittsburgh Freethought Community sponsors Secular Tree in Arnold, PA

The Pittsburgh Freethought Community sponsored a a prominently labeled and located holiday tree decorated with ornaments representative of our support of science, reason, humanist and atheist beliefs, and social justice. The tree was decorated on December 7th, and is located in Roosevelt Park, Arnold, PA.  Ornaments ranged from models of the atom to evolve-fish symbols to likenesses of Frederick Douglass.   In addition, a Festivus pole was erected next to the creche and the Festivus tradition described on the holiday traditions signboard. Our thanks to Marie Schaub for making this possible!

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Freethought Community (PFC)! "Promoting science, reason, and humanist values in the greater Pittsburgh area"

If you are looking to become part of a community of fascinating people who share secular and critical-thinking worldview and values, if you want to meet some like-minded friends--people who think outside the box when it comes to life--we are your group.

Our MISSION is threefold:

• To be a welcoming and caring community for all those who share a humanist worldview and an evidence-based perspective;

• To provide a strong and respected public voice for the secular humanist community in shaping public debate and formulating public policy;

• To promote science, reason, critical thinking, and humanist values in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Over 2000 *Yinzers participate in the PFC! 

*Yinzer is a 20th century term playing on the Pittsburgh, PA second-person plural vernacular "yinz." The word is used among those who identify with the city of Pittsburgh and its traditions.

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